Solutions for Solar Inverter Problems

Would you get the same phone if it breaks?

Technology moves on, enhances and evolves. Like televisions or mobile phones, the whole electronic industry gains new features and the old technologies are phased out. If you are to simply replace your inverter with the same technology you’re missing a trick. Would you replace your old television with the same model? Would you replace your mobile phone with the same mobile phone in 3/4/5 years time? No, of course you wouldn’t. Ask what the best inverters are, find out from installers what has changed since you last had your system installed. You may spend a little more than your original inverter costs but don’t forget your solar system is your investment. You need to see what’s best for you for the next 10+ years. The solution benefits you no one else. Like wise, having the old inverter will be at your disadvantage. No one else’s. “HD wave” inverter.

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