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Can I Upgrade My Inverter?

Can I upgrade my inverter?       What is the best inverter?         What inverter do I need to get?

Technology in the Solar PV market has evolved over the years and since you’ve had your system installed yes there are more efficient solar panels and more efficient solar inverters.

What affects solar generation?


Shading is a big factor when it comes to solar systems.  The fitters may have been uneducated and simply didn’t know when installing the system or worse, they did know and didn’t care.  When solar panels are connected, traditionally they are put together in a series circuit (A string). This now acts as one big solar panel rather than the panels working individually as one would assume. Only one current flows so it flows at the lowest current available.  If there is any shading on any panel it will affect the performance of all the panels in this circuit. They will perform to the least performing panel.

If there is any shading on a part of only 1 panel this will affect the performance of all panels on this circuit.

Much like 8 children taking an test. If 7 were t0 get an A but 1 child got an E. The overall grade for all children is an E.


Many panels are sold with the concept of “self cleaning and maintenance free” if you’ve been lucky you wouldn’t have done anything to your panels since the day they were installed.  One benefit of the rain here in the UK – they keep the panels clean.  However, you do need the rain to keep them clean.  Much like shading, “soiling” of panels, (Leaves, bird poo algae, moss) will have a significant impact on your generation.


Both the age of the panels and the age of your inverter will have an impact on your solar generation and will reflect on your Feed in Tariff payments and free energy usage in the house.  The efficiency will be affected.  One day your inverter will simply stop working and you may not know about it for months.


SolarEdge is an inverter topology that has many benefits which solve a lot of issues.  The SolarEdge solution is an inverter topology that splits the functions of the inverter into 2 products.  A standard inverter which converts the power off the roof from DC to AC but has power optimisers which fit behind each panel making the panels work as individuals.  They are a product much the same size as a DVD case that are individually attached to each panel.
They cost extra yes but the benefit they can bring over a length of time will allow your system to generate more energy and maximise the whole system.  SolarEdge has significant benefits one of which has been ignored in the UK due to regulations not being enforced.  Possibly the most important in a solar system – Safety.  See SolarEdge

The SolarEdge benefits add value in so many different ways.


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