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Will changing my inverter change my feed in tariff?

Will changing my inverter affect my Feed in Tariff.

Changing your inverter will not change your Feed in Tariff rate.  You don’t need to let your energy company know either.  However, we suggest on the day of the change, contact your energy company, explain your inverter is being changed and the current reading on the total generation is XYZ.


Changing your inverter could affect your Feed in Tariff readings however, a new inverter could increase the systems performance which in turn will bring a positive impact to your payments.  You can choose to upgrade your inverter to the latest technology which will increase your payments amongst many other benefits – See “Can I upgrade my inverter”

You are not allowed to increase the amount or change your solar panels.  This changes the installed capacity which your FiT is registered.  If amending the panels you run the risk of being removed from the program altogether.

What problems could arise by changing your inverter?

We recommend an approved inverter doctor engineer to repair/change your inverter.

If you don’t consult an approved inverter doctor engineer you could be running the risk by having the wrong inverter installed. 

Wrong inverters could mean

A cheaper inverter brand could end up costing you more money.

The inverter won’t perform to the best of its ability throughout the whole year which can result in lost generation.

The generation meter could go blank and reset back to zero.


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