Solutions for Solar Inverter Problems

Solar Inverter Repairs

Most solar installations have been designed so the solar inverter is running at full power.  The inverter life expectancy is all dependant on the amount it’s been used. Like anything really – the more it’s used the closer to wearing out.  Having said that, buy cheap, get cheap!

Temperature has a lot to do with the lifetime of the inverter.  To convert DC to AC Electrolytic capacitors are used.  These have a limited lifetime.  Much like your car fuel tank.  If you don’t put more fuel in, it stops working!

A solar inverter is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment it is not something that can be repaired very easily.

Fortunately the number of “faulty” inverters don’t actually have a fault at all and can be reset or restarted.  If we can save you money by repairing the inverter we will.

A solar installation is quite a complex system, blaming the inverter is the simple option as this is the electrical equipment you have in the house and the easiest to access!  It could be the panels or the cables linking the panels to the inverter.

If you’ve followed the steps on “fix my inverter” and its still not working……….

Fill in your details and we will get a technician to contact you to arrange a site visit.

What will the engineer do?

The engineer will test the voltage of the panels to ensure there is no fault from the panels.

Once he has diagnosed the problem is the inverter he will look to reset, restart or repair.  We will always give you the full diagnosis before doing anything.


If your solar inverter has failed and is out of warranty simply fill in your details and we will get a technician to contact you to arrange a replacement.  We will give you options and prices so everything is clear before you go further.

The replacement inverter will be a cost to you and also the engineer will also charge a fee for the labour and call out.

We will recommend a quality replacement inverter which will get you back up and running.  The new high efficient inverter will make a difference to your systems performance straight away and will come with new manufacturers warranties along with workmanship warranties offered by our Inverter doctors.

The price of a new inverter depends on the size of the solar system and obviously the quality of the inverter.

How much is this going to cost?

You will be charged for the call out fee of the engineer, ($20) you will also be charged for the labour for the replacement. hourly rate minimum ($30) All estimated costs will all be outlined to you before anything goes ahead.

Most problems can be solved by answers within the website. However if you are still having trouble send us your details and we will try to help.
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.