Solutions for Solar Inverter Problems

Fronius error code 301

As your inverter is over 5 years old, I would assume you’re inverter is out of warranty. You therefore need a technician to come and fix or worst case replace your inverter which would be at your expense. If this is the case I’d like to recommend you look into upgrading your system. Solar panels are connected together in a series circuit, this means that they are now one giant solar panel, which means that they are all performing to the worst performing panel in the system. Much like if 10 people were taking a test and they all got different results. 5 A, 4 B and 1 C. The overall performance would be 10 x C. SolarEdge is the latest technology which gives you panel level performance by having an optimiser behind each panel and a simplified inverter which would replace your current inverter. Please see attached a document you may find useful. It comes with a 12 year warranty (which can be extended to 20 years) It has a full monitoring system Is compatible with battery storage (future proof) It’s also the safest technology on the market as it comes with a unique safe DC function which normal string inverters don’t have. Now it’s not cheap, you’re probably looking around £2500/ £3000 fully installed. This would include the materials, the labour, scaffolding, cleaning of the panels, 20 year extended warranty, full monitoring system and a service of everything on the roof. However, As every panel is working as an individual, you WILL generate more energy and therefore make more money from the FiT so it will actually pay for itself and you won’t need to pay for a future replacement either. The product is called SolarEdge, This video explains perfectly. The monitoring system is fantastic and is free for life. The SolarEdge portal lets you view your consumption from the grid, your self consumption and exported power 24 hours a day. We can recommend a couple of local installation companies that would be able to quote you for the work. I hope this advice helps. Inverter doctor

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